We haven't forgot about you... July 18 2012, 0 Comments

So we’re about three months overdue on keeping the blog up to date, and while we could take the easy road and say you have no idea how busy we’ve been, you probably know exactly what it’s like and have been swamped with tons of stuff just like us. We’ll tell you right now, were going to do our best to update you guys regularly from now on.

What have we been busy with at the Koala Logic base? Well over the last few months we’ve been making sure your orders are shipped out as soon as possible. We also started working with some new brands, and should be getting some stellar gear for you guys shortly. As always we’re upgrading the site in any way we can and working to keep everyone informed on Facebook and Twitter. 

On top of all this, we decided to throw a launch party for the site! Great idea right? Well it was until we realized how much work it was going to be for just a couple bros. Getting everything together and handling the daily operations of Koala Logic was stressful and often seemed overwhelming. A few times the question came up whether or not it was worth all the work and if it was going to pay off…

Then the party started.

Getting to see all our friends enjoying themselves, partying hard, excited to win prizes and getting a little crazy made all the hard work we put in over the last few months worth it. We realized why we’re doing this again, to keep the good times going. So remember this; life’s about enjoying it to its fullest and battling through hard times knowing that it’ll eventually pay off. 

Stay classy Canada!