MyPakage Pro Series Performance Men's Underwear June 14 2015, 0 Comments

You’re well into a run on a hot summer’s day and you feel it start to happen. Not the searing cramp in your side, but the burning sensation coming from directly between your legs. You know what I’m talking about: chafing – and it’s every runner’s worst nightmare. Chafing is caused by repetitive friction to sensitive skin and results in irritation, blisters or god forbid a bleeder. The problem is amplified the wetter your skin is.

The MyPakage Pro Series is a performance underwear specifically designed to keep you high and dry when you are getting your sweat on. Here’s how:

  • Our advanced MyDry Technology fabric is made with a wicking polyester, which is a highly breathable fabric that is designed to pull moisture away from you body, keeping you cool and dry.
  • Our KeyHole Comfort Technology lifts the boys up and away from the legs, which not only reduces the temperature but also reduces the potential to chafe.
  • The tight fit prevents the underwear from riding up the leg.
  • Available in boxer brief, boot cut and full length base layer styles

So next time you are lacing up your running shoes, soccer cleats, hockey skates, basketball shoes, or heading to the golf course, throw on a pair of the Pro Series and keep the boys happy. Enjoy the sweat and click here to get yours now!