SAXX vs. MyPakage vs. 2UNDR Men's Underwear Size Comparison July 12 2016, 0 Comments

Whether you've tried any or all of the brands of underwear we carry, or you're considering getting a pair of each to see which one you like best, it's important to remember that the sizing for MyPakage, SAXX, and 2UNDR all use different sizing for men's underwear. The same waist size can fit anywhere from a Large, an XL, or even a XXL depending which brand you go with, and the fit you prefer. Be sure to reference this size comparison chart to know what size you fit in each brand:


SAXX My Package 2UNDR Men's Underwear size chart compare


Also, as an added bonus for those who haven't tried any or all of these brands, we're offering free shipping anywhere in Canada for anyone who orders at least one pair of each. That way you can decide whether you like 2UNDR, MyPakage or SAXX the best.