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The year is 2010, the weather cold as hell, and our wallets well… you could say they were looking thin. In the hopes of having fresh gear, new clothes and not spending all our grocery money to get it, options were fairly slim. We could either trek it to our local shop only to be unsatisfied with selection and prices or we could order online from American websites and get hit with bank account crushing tariffs, while waiting a couple weeks for our gear to arrive. This was not going to work for a couple of broke Saskatchewan boys.


One of the greatest questions ever asked was by the one and only Trooper where they posed the question “If you don’t like what you got then why don’t you change it?” This is exactly what we set out to accomplish, to change what was available to us as Canadians in the boarding and fashion industries. And so the tale of Koala Logic begins.


So here we were paying for rent, paying for mortgages, cars, school, and entertainment (and every thing that includes). We’ve had part time jobs and job’s no one else wanted. We had big boy jobs waiting for us at the end of the hallway. The devil himself staring us in the face and what did we say? You bet your ass we said No Way! We want to ride, we want to party, and most importantly we want to live!


Two young men on a mission to get gear at reasonable prices and not wait a forts night to get it with the surprise of shipping fees. So what do men do when they are beat down, kicked to the ground and with nowhere to go? They improvise!


And thus Koala Logic was born. A site where you could ultimately find what you wanted, when you wanted, and at reasonable prices! We slaved on making something for ourselves knowing that in the end this would better the Canadian community.


Since our beginning, we’ve run into a few speed bumps. It’s been a challenge to establish an online market for Canada that has been neglected to this point. There’s also constant pressure in today’s world on everyone to grow into a 9-to-5 career for the next 40 years until retirement. And to be honest, the thought of this has motivated us even more to devote all of our resources and time towards the creation and improvement of Koala Logic, just for you, the Canadian people. Why? Because we aren’t like everyone else. We aren’t a corporation, or guys wanting to wear suits to work every day. We like not having anybody telling us to cut our hair…we’d rather cover it with a beanie when it’s messy. If it’s glassy on the lake or there’s fresh pow on the hill, that’s how we’d like to spend our day, yet it still hasn’t stopped the orders from getting out as quickly as possible. In our down time we like researching new music to ride to, watching a quick snowboard vid over lunch break, and having a beer if we’re in need of some motivational creativity. as misleading as the name is it’s a company built by Canadians for Canadians.




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